Staying True to the Mission.

iDo is taking its 12 years of experience in teaching creativity and engaging underserved students to an even bigger population. In the Fall of 2015, iDo will once again partner San Francisco's Mission High School. With over a thousand students and dozens of after-school programs, Mission High is the ideal environment to teach creativity and foster curiosity. It's going to be a wild and exciting experience.

Our Passion

The Industrial Design Outreach Project (iDo) promotes the field of industrial design and uses its methodologies to enhance the education of both high school and university students. Through hands-on interdisciplinary design projects, iDo provides high school students with experiences that foster curiosity, promote creativity, and build self-confidence.

By developing and delivering design curriculum to high school students, university students gain experiences that promote teamwork; enhance communication, organization, and improve presentation skills; and provide a forum for participants to give back to their community.

What's Your Passion?

When all is said and done, iDo is driven by the generosity of foundations, industry, and individual donors such as yourselves. We speak for all of those who have graced us with their presence when we say—thank you.

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Join Us

We need the help of passionate San Francisco State University students interested in teaching, mentoring and giving back to their community. We also offer product and graphic design experiences that lead to professional portfolio development. Additionally, mentors can receive class credit through DAI 575.